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German case is a German grammar and language website.
It teaches grammar in a beautiful way by appreciating the flow and structure of linguistic form.

You will find here German language resources from around the web and lessons in grammar and vocabulary.

German-English dictionary

Verb conjugation software

Dictionary as a Chrome extension


Peppa Pig cartoons

A cartoon series about a little pig.

Peppa pig

German literature for beginners

A short story and a poem.

Eine Geschichte und ein Gedicht 

The Little Princess cartoons

German cartoon films about a little princess. For intermediate speakers.

Kleine Prinzessin 

Yakari cartoon series

An animated series in German about a Sioux boy who talks to animals. For intermediate to advanced speakers.

Yakari auf Deutsch

German fairy tales

Fairytales in German for advanced speakers.


Documentary films

German documentary films about science, culture and nature. For people who are proficient in German, or in the topic.

Deutsche dokus

Babadum, Audio game

Audio texts

Audio with the text in pdf and exercises. For beginners and intermediate speakers. 

The Farmer-Princess, Audio story

Audio story about a princess who becomes a farmer.

The Flying Elephant, Audio story

Audio story about an elephant-thief.

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